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REQUIRED HEAD SHOT: All seniors are required to submit a formal head shot by the end of October (meeting the qualifications for the MHS yearbook) during their senior year. This is separate from their photo ID picture, and should be taken seriously as a lasting memory in their last yearbook in high school. Please follow the school guidelines before you come to your scheduled appointment.

MHS CAMPUS PHOTO STUDIO LOCATION: This MHS Campus Photo Studio is located in the art department at the north entrance of the school, in the art office across from room 903. You can actually park in the north lot, and look for the open door for the student enhance.

COST: $20 - Head Shot, Editing & Submission to any yearbook
$20 - Digital Rights with Release Form (extra)
Several photos will be taken to ensure a quality shot that captures the personality of each student. Live editing will be done in person so that you have a say in the look of your Senior Head Shot, that will be remembered by for reunions to come! All MHS Head Shots will automatically meet the MHS yearbook standards and will be delivered to the yearbook staff directly, saving you time and worry. Print packages are also available at an additional charge depending on the package.

SCHEDULING: Sign up for the time that works for you based on the availability found on this Sign Up Genius. Head Shots at the MHS campus on Tuesdays from 4:00 - 7:00 and also at the LHS campus on Thursdays are scheduled from 3-5 if Tuesdays are not conducive with your schedule.

LHS Studio Sign Up Genius:
MHS Studio Sign Up Genius (Tuesdays):

CONTACT: If you have any questions please email [email protected] or call 248.318.2751.
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