UPLOAD STATUS: Complete! Place your order by June 19!

STEP 1 - ACCESS YOUR PHOTOS: Photos will begin uploading the night of the event and will be complete in 1 week. Click on the link to 2022 U of D Jesuit Graduation to access all photos: tarajohnsonphotography.com/22udjgraduation

STEP 2 - CREATE A “FAVORITES” COLLECTION: There will be several folders with views from multiple angles. Click on the “heart" in the upper lefthand corner of any image. This will add any photo selected to your “Favorites" Collection. To save your selections, you will need to make an account with a password. - However, no payment information is required or collected.

STEP 3 - CREATE YOUR ORDER: Once you've collected all of your "Favorite" photos. Click "BUY" on any one single photo. This will allow your to build your personalized order. You can choose your photo selections, size or product. You may even select your own cropping & select Color / BW / Sepia Finish. U of D Jesuit is providing a coupon code that covers two. This also includes free shipping. 5” x 7” prints. If you select only these options, there will be no charge. In addition, no payment information will be collected. However, you may purchase additional items, at an additional cost. You can choose from over 100 products, prints & packages. At this point, you will you need to enter payment information. Any proceeds will benefit the U of D Jesuit.

STEP 4 - ENTER COUPON CODE: When checking out, enter your U of D Jesuit personalized code.This covers the cost of two 5"x7" prints & shipping. This is a $25 value, offered to you for FREE! This code is a ONE-TIME use code. Please do not share this with anyone. This coupon expires 1 month after graduation. Place your order before Sunday, June 19, 2022!

STEP 5 - SHIPPING: Enter YOUR address to ship it directly. Contact TJP with any questions! Congratulations to you and your graduate!
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