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LINKS TO 2023 HEADSHOTS: Support your Yearbook and Arts Department by scheduling your yearbook headshot with Tara Johnson Photography on the HVS campus. Experience a personalized, live editing session with high-quality studio equipment. All proceeds are a fundraiser to your school! Book your appointment by clicking on the orange “Book A Session” button in the lower right hand corner of this screen to select your date/time. Get a reduced rate if you book prior to your yearbook headshot deadline near the end of December 2022! You can also view the specific link to your school's final proof collection on the link below!
  • TJP Website: - To sign up, click this button on the site "Book A Session"
  • 2023 MHS Proofs:
  • 2023 LHS Proofs:
  • 2023 IA Proofs:
  • Headshot Print/Package Pre-order Form: tarajohnsonphotography/Preorder1038269533 (provides up to 40% off any print packages if ordered in advance)
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